Call for papers


Call for papers is now open! Oral presentations as well as poster and workshop presentations are welcome on teaching and supervision methods, learning environments, development projects, trials, research, and philosophy in the fields of health care, social services and wellbeing technology.

Submit your proposal at or Deadline for abstracts is on 10 Febryary 2017. Information on acceptance of abstracts will be sent on 13 February 2017.

  • Maximum length of abstracts is 2500 characters including spaces (Times New Roman, font size 12, line feed 1.0)
  • Abstracts on research should include the following sections: introduction, purpose, methods, results and conclusions.
  • Abstracts on teaching and supervision methods, learning environments, development projects and trials should include descriptions of backgrounds, implementation and results.
  • Abstracts will be published on the conference´s website

Write a publication
It is possible to submit the conference presentation as a full paper later to be included in a publication with an ISBN/ISNN number.

  • 3-7 pages (10 000 – 20 000 characters)
  • Deadline for publications is on 9 April 2017
  • Submit your publication at

The link for submitting your publication


Last year´s publication in Finnish


  • Length 20 min (15 min for presentation, 5 min for conversation)

Poster answers questions what, why and how and focuses on the essentials.

  • Headline should be short and font size at least 2,5 cm
  • Author and organization names (and possible logos) should be clearly visible
  • Body text´s font size at least 1,0 cm
  • Poster structure and size: vertical, size A1, about 70 x 100 cm

are welcome on the different ways to implement functional learning. Several clinical skills and simulation rooms are available.

  • Workshop is a practical activity so conference guests get to participate and practice
  • Describe the topic, purpose and methods of the workshop in the proposal. Also describe space needs and participant roles.
  • Workshop´s length is determined by the proposal (45 or 90 minutes)